NCOWS Rules & Regulations
NCOWS is a historically oriented organization. NCOWS has rules and guidelines to maintain Historical accuracy and maintain the basic principles of NCOWS. There are certain restrictions on Firearms, Clothing and Accouterments (Accessories). Most SASS shooters will meet virtually all of NCOWS’s requirements. NCOWS does give members a full year to meet these requirements. Below are some the more common items that are not allowed.

1) Rifles cannot be short stroked

2) Pistols cannot have Montado style hammers or hammers that are a lower silhouette and wider that what came on Revolver during the 1865-1899 time frame. Ruger Bisley’s are not allowed

3) The Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy is not allowed.

4) Ammo (Shotgun) Slides are not allowed. Ammo belts must hold only one Cartridge (Shell) per loop.

5) Buscadero style Holster rigs are not allowed (Holster retained in a slot on the belt).

6) Pointed Cowboy Boots with stitching on top of the foot area are not allowed.

7) Snaps on shirts and designer jeans are not allowed.

The NCOWS Tally Book at  www.ncows.org/library/pdf/2014tally_book.pdf  has more specific information in it.

The NCOWS main website is found at  www.ncows.org